The Sourceforge project page of miwm is here, and the latest releases can be downloaded from the Downloads section. The online CVS tree can be browsed here; its nightly tarball is also available. On the various Unix systems, you should be able to anonymously check out the documentation and source.

You have three choices for the "module" to checkout via CVS:

If you download any of the tarballs, you must make sure your browser does not mangle them. It is not uncommon for browsers for find a file foo.tar.gz, recognize it as an archive, and duely download it into foo.tar.gz.tar - which is not a valid tar file. Check the file extensions to make sure you are getting the right thing. If you get an official release, it will be PGP/GnuPG signed so you can easily verify integrity and authenticity with "gpg --verify foo.tar.gz.sig" after you download the public key which signed it. All releases are checked to make sure they can be downloaded and verified.

Once you have either checked out the source, or unpacked a tarball, cd to the miwm directory, until you see the Makefile and do the following.

make TAGS depend
make miwm
make install (as root)

This will build the miwm executable and put a copy in /usr/local/bin.

If you are on a non-Linux like system (e.g. cygwin, Solaris), you may need to copy the appropriate config.XXX file into make.config. Several are included in the distrbution tarball. The default is for make.config to be a copy of config.linux.

If none of the config files work for you, "use the source". If you do get miwm working on a new and novel architecture, please contact one of the developers, listed on the main miwm project page.

If you would like to change configuration things like colors, it is probably best to edit your ~/.miwm/miwm.config file and re-run miwm. The basic command menu (left button on the root window) can be changed by editting the ~/.miwm/miwm.usermenu file.